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About Us

We are a seafood distributor of fresh & frozen seafood products. We have our suppliers from different parts of globe handling our supply with utmost care. Most of our suppliers are BRC and ISO Certified. 


Adams Ocean is a brain child of an entrepreneur who has always dreamt of bringing the finest quality of products from different parts of the world, assuring the quality is at its top and ensure its sustainably sourced. Our decade plus experience in the industry has always helped us to understand our customer requirements and full-fill it on time.

Our Mission is perfectly aligned to our Vision

Core Purpose

"To provide sustainably sourced seafood of highest quality with a dedicated service and be the new face of Global trade."

Core Values

  • Allegiance

  • Integrity

  • Passion

  • Continuous Progressiveness

  • Demands Excellence

Brand Promise

"Facilitate with the Best Quality and On time Delivery"

How We Source

To ensure our customers get the best seafood products, we source on the basis of three main parameters


We ensure the products we source are sustainably caught and it has no threat to our future. 


Every consignment we work on, must/ will have third party quality inspection done (SGS preferred mostly), other than our QC inspection. Also, we check if the packers follow strictly the HACCP plans and also their Sanitary managements.


Being a socially committed company, we always give high preference to manufacturing companies that empower women. And most of our suppliers are certified with the follows;

ISO 22000
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